Road Safety Snapshot

This short survey will help you evaluate and benchmark your road safety program. The 10 statements below speak to key characteristics or “indicators” commonly found in effective programs.

As you read each statement, think about the company you work for, and the work-related driving that occurs there - whether it's in company-owned or employee-owned vehicles. For each indicator, mark how strongly you agree or disagree. Statements with which you "Strongly Agree" indicate program strengths. Statements with which you "Strongly Disagree" identify areas that offer opportunities for improving your road safety results.

Your responses will be aggregated with other responses to generate Survey Results. No individual responses or related data will be identified, shared or accessed by Road Safety at Work, the partners or any other party.

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Road Safety Indicators

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1Our managers and supervisors consistently lead by example - their actions demonstrate their support of, and commitment to, road safety.
2By applying our road safety policies and procedures, I help ensure my own safety and contribute to building a safer workplace for all our employees.
3In our organization, road safety is a two-way conversation - employees and management communicate and cooperate to make driving safer.
4We actively use a process to identify driving-related hazards, evaluate risks and decide what measures we will apply to address them.
5The organization checks that each driver has a valid driver's licence and clean abstract, and assesses drivers to confirm they have the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate motor vehicles.
6We actively use a process that ensures vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained in safe operating condition.
7We document vehicle inspections, risk assessments, driver training, incident investigations and other road safety activities.
8During our toolbox talks and safety meetings, we discuss recent incidents or near misses, and decide what we will do to prevent similar reoccurrences.
9Our organization regularly reviews its road safety policies and procedures to determine their effectiveness, and we make improvements where needed.
10Our road safety program has helped us earn our reputation as an organization that genuinely cares about employee safety.